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    Long race like 10,000 m - with many athletes on the track. Lap counting. I want to keep my eyes on the track and also hit lap splits. They all have hip numbers. Please add voice recognition. If I say "ten" into the phone then competitor number 10 just went by. Can you add voice recognition? Would be very effective to keep count of laps.

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    Interesting idea. I’ve tried some experiments. Initial thoughts: constant voice recognition is not allowed, so it has to be with a button press. There’s also the problem that voice recognition is not 100% reliable, and asking for immediate feedback kind of defeats the purpose.

    What I’m thinking is to maybe tie it to the volume buttons. As now, press up for a lap, and down for a stop. But if you hold it down, then it will listen for a name or number. Then if it recognizes it, great; otherwise it remembers the voice and when reviewing the unassigned laps later, you can play back your own voice to help you assign it.

    Does that sound useful

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How can we improve Watches?


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