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How do I add people to a race?

There are many ways to add a watch to a race. Remember the basic concept: a Watch represents a Person in a Race.
  1. Tap Add a Stopwatch at the bottom of the main Watches screen. This will create a temporary person, that you can just rename (tap on watch to edit it). As you do, Watches will offer to autocomplete with existing persons that have a similar name to what you're typing to make it easy to link it properly.
  2. While looking at a Team, you can tap New Watches for this Team, which will ask whether you want to add these watches to the current race, or create a new one. Note that you can do this even if the first group is already running; thus you can start one Team, then add a second Team, start it; add a third Team, and so one. 
  3. While looking an individual Person, you can tap Add to Current Race (unless they already are in this race).
  4. You can create a new Race with new set of watches for the same group of people as the current Race by going to the menus and tapping New Race for Current Group. (By the way, if the race has no time data yet, this option is greyed out as you could just use the current race.) 
  5. To do the same thing for a non-current race, go to the Race's report in History, tap on its title, and tap Make Current Race.
Note that if you have several upcoming races, you can create each Race with the relevant people and then just create another one. When it's time, just go to the History tab, tap on the next race, tap on its title and tap Make Current Race.

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