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    So, the “race type” is just an attribute of a race, not a way to create a new race.

    Instead, to get ready, you would go to the Group of runners, and hit “New Watches for this team”. Then specify “New Race” instead of “Add Watches”. This will create a separate race with that group. Set the race type and/or name, then do those steps again for the second race, etc.

    Then day of race, just go to the History tab, select the first race, tap on the title, and hit “Make Current Race”. After the race, do the same for the second.

    You can switch between races with “Make Current Race” as often as you wish. In fact, you can even track two (presumably long) races at once, as running watches will continue when the race isn’t “current”.

    FYI, I’ve implemented something to make this easier. Would you…

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    Thanks for the speedy reply! This feels a little better. I didn't think to use the history tab that way.

    I do have another problem. If I have only one runner in an event, say the 400, if I go to the 400 "team" and tap to make new watches, it doesn't ask to make it a new race but rather adds the one person to the current race. Bug or am I setting something up wrong?

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