Did you miss this?

Here are some somewhat-hidden features of Watches that you may not have noticed...

0) The Settings menu. You probably got here from this, but some folks don't know the three bars in the upper-left corner means Menu.

1) Undo. Just about everywhere, if you make a mistake, you can shake your phone/tablet to undo. For example, if you have a false start, or hit the wrong person's stop button, or delete a race, just shake. As one coach mentioned, "Oh, that explains when I run across the field and it asks 'do you want to undo that Stop Button'?"

2) Edit watches. You can edit any watch during a race or afterwards, adding/deleting laps, changing times etc.

3) Volume Control Buttons. In order to avoid having to look at the screen, you can also use your phone or tablet's physical volume buttons. At the beginning and nobody's running, or you've added runners, to launch, just press either Volume Up or Down. After the race is going, the Up bottom means Lap, and the Down volume button means Stop. If you have only one watch running, then that Lap or Stop applies to that watch.

But if you have multiple watches going, then Watches will create a temporary Lap or Stop button that you can either drag to, or tap to select, the appropriate person. So if you have two people crossing at the same moment, you can just create two Laps and then drag them when you have time.

4) Change settings on the fly. Even during a race, you can change watch face, display settings, splits vs cumulative, etc. For example, if you like a cleaner screen, just set the Watch Time Units to seconds, even if you want to report with hundredths; we'll still keep track.

5) Let watches run. You can change screens, exit the app, even start a whole separate race, and your watches will keep time. Of course, if you do change to another race, you have to return the race to be the "Current Race" to start/stop watches or make any changes.

6) Personal best. If you specify the "type" for your races, then for each person, we will show their personal best time for that race.

7) Import names. If you have a list of names, you can just paste it into Watches; you can even include their email addresses, such as "John Doe <john@doe.com>", or you can select them from your Contacts on your phone. People>All People>Edit>Add New People>

8) Recommend Watches. With a single tap, you can tell the world how great Watches is. I admit that you may not think this is important, but...I do!

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